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CM Punk and Tattoos.

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Done at Newcombes Inc, Halifax NS, by Keegan Lam


Tattoo by Lucky. IG:@luckyxtattooist


Some folks might remember that I got my favorite part of Middle Earth tattooed on my head a while ago, but now there’s more! The whole side has been done that stretches all the way to Erebor, and I’m not even done yet. 

(Many continuous thanks to Ed Dempsey in Woodstock, Ny)

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Check out all these great tattoo artists. 


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My Original Triforce Arrow Tattoo.

Done by Jess at Ink Junkies Tattoo, Arvada, Colorado.


I demand euphoria

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Being mysterious about your tattoos' stories... Can be dangerous for your public image.

  • Lokileen & I: Goodbye! See you soon!
  • Mr. Hudson: Bye! *waving hands*
  • me: Oh! You've got a tattoo!!! What is it?
  • Mr. H: *hiding his forearm; casting a teasing glance*
  • Lokileen & I: ..?
  • Mr. H: I'll tell it to you next time, it's a long story... *smirking*
  • Lokileen & I: Okay, bye. *getting out*
  • me: Do you think he's aware that by playing it all mysterious like that he's encouraging all the fanfics and smut that'll be made of this?!?
  • Lokileen: "The Adventure of Mr Hudson's Mysterious Tattoo"...

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