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So this will be a classical music only fanmix. It’s therefore hard to explain why exactly I choose these pieces, I just had a general feeling that they fitted. I tried to explain my choices a bit but I’m afraid it just sounds like I’m absolutely obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, which, I must confess, is true…

There is a lot of violin, obviously, but a lot of piano as well because, you know, it’s my instrument and I just couldn’t help myself…

Anyway, enjoy my selection! I’ll probably add more to it later =)

1. Violin Concert 3rd Movement - Beethoven : Obligatory, fans of the Granada version will understand =)

2. Trio pour Piano n°1 Op. 8 Allegro con brio - Brahms : Quiet night at 221B?

3. Impromptu en mi bémol majeur D899 n°2 - Schubert : This one seems to fit Sherlock Holmes for some reason, fast thoughts interrupted by darker moods and great discoveries, or sutin… (what sounds logical in my head in french seems ridiculous once written and in english. Anyway, just enjoy the piece. Played by Dinu Lipatti because he’s the master.)

4. Concerto for piano n.24 in C minor K 491 Allegro - Mozart : Reichenbach anyone? Moriarty and stuff? And the piano is somehow Watson or Holmes remembering moments with him… Oh god I’m giving myself feelings and what the fuck this isn’t even accurate but I DO WHAT I WANT and so I’ll still keep it on my fanmix. There. (played by Gould because yes, the man didn’t only play Bach)

5. Nocturne for Violin and Piano - Nikolai Roslavets : Sherlock Holmes playing in the middle of the night, keeping the poor Watson awake. The melody becomes stranger and stranger starting 0:50. Let’s just say this helps our beloved detective think.

7. Poème Romantique for Violin and Piano - Nikolai Roslavets : Another piece by the same composer because his writing just fits so well. Seriously, listen to this, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

8. Das Lied der Trennung KV 519 - Mozart : The Song of Sadness in german. I absolutely love this lied, and yes, I know, Mozart again!

Ok I’ve got tagged many times so I suppose I should answer all those questions, right?