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Yé yé here you gooooo

Is this the real life?

I though I was a victim

I dream about how it’s gonna end


Something in the way she moves

madmalora replied to your post: “The manipulative bullshit my parents are pulling on me right now is…”:
I’m o sorry parents can really suck err HUGS (I’ll give u a real one tomorrow)
thx a lot darling <3

dust-asterisms replied to your post: “The manipulative bullshit my parents are pulling on me right now is…”:
at least you know that they are manipulating you so you can get around it and scream “fuck you” in your head every time they talk

that’s true, even tho a apart of my brain still thinks I’m at fault and I’m doing something terrible to my family etc etc. But yeah thx for the hug <3

deadprincescollege replied to your post: “The manipulative bullshit my parents are pulling on me right now is…”:
ugh im sorry what’s happening now?

Afficher davantage

if i don’t make it into J’s “hot friends” tag with these selfies i will be really annoyed tbh

2 swag 4 u : the christmas edition

@ the PdP Jussieu

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Oh fuck I have an interview at a babysitting/teaching thing tomorrow (the same one as J) and  didn’t think they would answer so quickly! And now I’m hesitating because I still really really want to work at a video game store but idk if I’ll ever get accepted and I can’t say no to a job and refuse money just because I miiiight get a job I prefer? Anyway I’ll go to the job interview tomorrow, freak out a lot probably, we’ll see how it goes.

Le programme du Comic Con est ENFIN en ligne! De même pour celui de la Japan Expo. Nous allons donc ENFIN pouvoir organiser le planning de tenu du stand frenchlockians! Merci de m’envoyez vos disponibilités via ask dans le format suivant :

Jeudi : 10h - 12h / 15h - 17h (par exemple)

N’oubliez pas de préciser si vous pouvez faire des requests de dessins ou des dédicaces de fanbook.

Je vous enverrais un message avec vos horaires dès que possible!

Merci =)


homos having a night out (except margot but we are trying to cure her of the hetero)

Time of My Life - Patrick Wolf 

"I am a slave to my early grave"

♪ ♪ ♪ ehe
Kashmir (Live) - Page & Plant
" I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been"
Stuck on the Puzzle - Alex Turner
Something in your magnetism
must have pissed them off,
forcing them to get an early night.”
Drag - Placebo
"You possess every trait that I lack
By coincidence or by design”
There you go!

I’m meeting up with J at 10pm at Chatelet so join us if you can/want to =)

Alors comme ça personne n’a de crush sur J?

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deadprincescollege replied to your post: So my mom just told me that my dad had decided to…

aaaahhhh darling , i hope everything works out

wishawed replied to your postSo my mom just told me that my dad had decided to…

awwwwww *hug* we’ll come up with something
Well yeah I hope for you guys we’ll be able to find another alternative. But in any case, I won’t be able to spend the night (or even evening) with you and that makes me really disappointed because I was looking forward to it.

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1/How did you first find out about tumblr? Okay so the very first time isn’t a very happy story and I guess you’d rather know how I got into creating one so that’s what I’m gonna tell you! So basically there was this person I followed on dA, radioactivemongoose, and there was a link to their tumblr, and I really liked it so I decided to make one! But I didn’t know what to do with it, and I first I was sharing it with a friend of mine, Julie. But once we both got the hang of it we decided to have two separate tumblr =)

2/Which book are you currently reading and what do you think of it? I’m currently re-reading a book that I’d never finished and talking about it with a friend a week ago made me want to finally finish it : Dogra Magra by Yumeno Kyusaku. I don’t even know where to begin. I just picked it up because I loved the cover (a Magritte painting). The summary didn’t made me expect much (an amnesic guy wakes up in a psychiatric hospital and learns that he has apparently murdered his fiance before their wedding). But oh, my, god. J’en ai eu pour mon argent, comme on dit chez nous. So the novel was written in the 30s. It’s obviously Japanese  and Japanese literature is obviously very different from occidental literature. So at first the novel seems like a sort of thriller with a horror vibe to it (very well written btw, I was feeling so uneasy while reading the beginning but at the same time completely taken in the story), but it turns out to be filled with essays and medical treaties on psychoanalysis and psychiatry written by the characters (and I’m really interested in these subjects so what a pleasant surprise!), and so there is this whole thing of the book inside the book inside the book (at some point the main character picks up a book and something happens and I won’t say what because who knows maybe someone reading this will be interested and read the novel as well but let me just tell you that it blew my mind in exactly the way the author wanted it to be) and you can sense the influences of Buddhism in his recreation (or even creation since it was only written in the 30s -yeah I’m still amazed by that) of psychiatry. So that’s what I’m reading at the moment and I hope the ending will live up to my expectation. (btw I saw on tumblr that there’s apparently a movie but it seemed pretty bad, only focusing on the horror and sexual aspect of the story). Sorry it got a bit long but I have a very strong relationship with this book so…

3/If you could be transported to any fictional world, what would it be? I was about to answer “the word of harry potteeeer” but come on who am I kidding. Hyrule. I’d love to see what the universe of Zelda looks like, and meet all the different species, the Hylians obviously, the Zoras, the Gorons etc. And finally have the answers to ALL MY QUESTIONS about the mythology, the history  the literature, everything!

4/What was your dream job when you were little? I wanted to be a vet. And then my brother laughed at me saying that I was afraid of animal, which was true at the time! But yeah, in the end I think I used to say that just because my best friend wanted to be a vet.

5/If you could meet any three people in the world you had never met before, who would they be? So I already answered to this question not solong ago expect it was only one person, so I’ll have to add two other people! My first choice was Stephen Fry. I assume we’re talking about people who are still currently alive (which narrows it down quite a lot!) so… As I already said in the other post, I don’t wanna get “Van Houtened”… But I’d like to meet Daniel John anyway (singer of a band I love), hope that he’ll be a decent guy and that I’ll understand his Australian accent and that he’ll fucking explain why they slipped up the band… And I’d love to have a glass of wine and a cigarette with Dylan Moran. Why not!

6/If you wrote a book, what genre would it be? Probably some sort of depressing poetic novel about introspection and suicide and the meaning of life and transcendence. Expect I couldn’t write something like that. So shitty poetry?

7/If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? I know I would regret it in the end and it would drive me but reading into other people’s mind.  It would be SO interesting! Or depressing. Or both. And it could be helpful as well.

8/Do you have a hidden talent? I don’t think so? I play the piano but everybody knows that. I’m pretty supple as I used to do classical dance. And I’m a good swimmer. That’s all I’ve got sorry!

9/If you could live in any historic time period, which one would you live in? As a man, mid 19th century Paris. Europe in general. Or late 19th Vienna but then of course WWI is coming pretty soon…

10/Name a band that you really like. I could say Queen because it’s always either my n°1 or n°2. But no, Silverchair. Grew up with them, listening to them right now, still crying over the fact that the band split up. I love the fact that they evolved so much over time. And Daniel John’s voice is one of the best thing in the word.

11/Tea or coffee? (because that’s an important question) At the moment tea! But I like both =)

Now I’m supposed to tag people and ask them questions but it’s getting pretty late and I can hear my bed calling for me, so I’ll just tag people and keep the same questions because I really liked them! Thanks for tagging me btw =) I hope my answers weren’t too long/boring!