baby birds :V

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This sentence is still grammatically correct ()

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that’s why we couldn't save them.


1st years doing some purikura!! this turned out completely different than i originally planned but well

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sorry but i’m gonna spam you guys with some haikyuu!! fanarts now so yeah blacklist the tag if you want

also i’m gonna keep on liveblogging the manga so there’s gonna be spoilers if you’re only watching the anime : i’ll put everything under read mores ^^

aaaaaaaaaaah this scene was already super cool in the anime but somehow it’s even cooler in the manga?????

Afficher davantage

So I started Haikyuu!! yesterday and I just finished episode 14 and it’s gOOD IT’S REALLY GOOD I REALLY LIKE IT

So now I’m gonna read the manga for a while and then I’ll watch episode 15


*arin in a sinking ship*: we’re going down…*starts beatboxing* DIZZIDY DOWN

Title: Dare ka, Umi wo. Artist: Aimer 10 362 lectures
Zankyou no Terror ED -「Dare ka, Umi wo.」

Zankyou no Terror ending animation by Takeshi Koike