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Here’s the finished version of the Super Metroid piece I posted the linework for earlier.


Video: Mario is a Jerk

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I’m in too deep.

(An oldie but goodie from twitter, also HI COMMISSIONS ARE STILL OPEN!)

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Haru cannot wait for the apocalypse. 

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Episode 3 → Episode 14
Relation progress: Nothing has changed

Five’s Nails. (Episode 5)


The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Created by Linda Treffler

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Exclusive: CM Punk is The Laser Tag-inator.

“Comic-Con with me if you want to live.”

Unfortunately, there were no such plays on words when the steely-eyed, adamantium-abbed, cold-blooded laser tag machine CM Punk entered the Nerdist Laser Tag arena at San Diego Comic-Con. Neither we nor 2K nor Gearbox could have anticipated that a straight edge cyborg with nothing to lose would cut a laser-filled swath through all comers. His mission: to tag all lasers. His targets: all living Nerdist lifeforms. Not even the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel-themed fun could stop his rampage. What follows may make some viewers uncomfortable, but it is an important video to watch so that history does not repeat itself. Without further ado, please bear witness as Nerdist podcast guest CM Punk unleashes the beast within and gazes ruefully upon the apocalyptic aftermath.

Check out the video here.

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Phew! Here it is folks, cobbled together from two weeks worth of free time. I don’t really know what to say, so I’ll just hope it’s as fun to read and look thru as it was to make.


by paul reinwandme

Maaan, this feels so ancient now. It’s been having an activity surge lately, and I wanted to throw out another huge thank you to everyone that’s helped me spread it around. 18k… you folks are really wonderful.

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Title: Orion wo Nazoru Artist: Unison Square Garden 780 lectures


Orion wo Nazoru || Unison Square Garden
Anime: Tiger and Bunny

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gavin rage quits life



EDIT: reposted because internet was being shit and it posted before i even fixed the pictures chronologically //sobs

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N i n e  &  T w e l v e

"Besides… I wanted to feel it. The view they saw. The sounds they heard. The air they breathed. To feel those things"

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The Case of the Package of the Bees

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