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Sorry for the long wait guys. Our storenvy is open once again! Haikyuu bookmark sets have been restocked, so if you wanted to get one now’s the chance. T2 mini print sets are now available as well as single mini prints of Yamaguchi, Tsukishima, and HQ!! first year, and third year sets.

And just as a heads up the store will be closed each Friday to send out orders.


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I’m probably gonna grab a drink at la mutinerie after work today so would anyone feel like joining me? (I know most of you guys have to get up early on Friday and I work too so I won’t stay super late either)

Death. When you’re young, you think about it. I mean, you don’t really think about it - you have the intelligence of raspberry jam, you’re not thinking about anything. But it’s there, as a motive force, making you do things.  - Dylan Moran

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this is a review for bioshock

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Reasons to be excited for Haikyuu!! season 2:


2.Tanaka Saeko

3.Her Majesty The Queen Tanaka Saeko


trans nathan : comes out  to the whole world in a concert , makes  a song about how brutal is being trans , makes sure   to make being trans the most metal thing ever , all their fans become trans , anyone who misgenders them  is killed , etc , etc


I’ve been playing Hyrule Warriors and I keep forgetting Link’s even in the game. Is Zimpa a thing? 

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has this been done before or

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haikyuu!! bubbles

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LOVELY~~~~~FAIRY ~~~ HISOKA-chan~~~♡

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