• Numérobis: va Asteriksme!
  • Astérix: rix!
  • Numérobis: riii...ksme.

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Link’s in modern clothing! Click for full size.

bless the fact that Time actually stands like that in game tho

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From the Neon Genesis Evangelion concept design book.

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livin life on the edge

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I was thinking it’s about time I live a steady life.
Being a Hero is unsteady. It’s fine when you’re still young, but as you get older it starts to get to you.

Do you really think that’ll fool me?
Do you want to keep it from me that badly? Aren’t partners supposed to support each other when they’re suffering?

You don’t trust me, do you?

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Pulp Fiction (1994)

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lil antisocial kitten

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Kageyama is such a cutie

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Our setter is a little more… intense.

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Title: ili lolol Artist: Yoko Kanno 3 226 lectures

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"You decided to become our accomplice. There's no way back now..."

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