A couple of weeks ago I played Ocarina of Time for the first time with some friends, and I had no idea what to nickname Link so I named him Toki. And then my friends spoke in Pickles’s voice for all of Navi’s dialogue. It was pretty great. 

i think folks sometimes forget that ‘adult’ link is still mentally ten years old

i mean shit’s gotta be rough for anyone but ten years old man

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Kaworu I really don’t think that’s a good way of bringing excitement and playfulness into a relationship

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Silent Hill 2 Environments

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Diggin’ In The Carts

Web documentary series from Red Bull Academy Japan explores the history of Japanese video game music, from Space Invaders, how Namco pioneered the inclusion of music into games and more:

Diggin’ In The Carts is a new series from Red Bull Music Academy about the untold story behind the most influential music to come out of Japan.

Episode one is available to watch at the Red Bull Academy website here

Oooh! This sounds super cool!


Life’s hard when you’re a big tough high school boy with a glass heart and your teammates are a bunch of punk ass delinquents. 

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asahi would totally do this don’t lie to me



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Video Gaems

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↳2-D through phase 1, 2 and 3.

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Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley , Alien (1979)

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